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      Deluxe Harmonium With Coupler - K105  [Harmonium]

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      204.17   Excluding VAT

      245.00   Including VAT

      Please note two prices are shown ( Excluding VAT and Including VAT ) where VAT is applicable. The Including VAT price only applies to European Union (EU) customers.

      This harmonium has all the features of model K104 and in addition it has a device fitted under the keyboard called Coupler. The coupler is a mechanical device fitted under the keys, which make the next octave play automatically.

      The Deluxe Model Harmonium has 3 Octave C first Octave to D 4th Octave

      It has two sets of good quality handmade Brass Reeds; one set is Bass and the other is Male

      It has multi fold feeder bellow

      It has five Air control knobs and four drones

      It has shaped keyboard closure lid and sound control board fitted on top of the reed board, to control the volume

      Cabinet of Deluxe model harmonium is made from light weight good quality box wood and it is stained and finished with high glass lacquer



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