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      JAS Musicals is an authorised dealer of Yamaha and Korg Keyboard Instruments;

      Yamaha_Digital_Keyboards  [Keyboard_Instruments]

      Yamaha YPT 220   • PSR-E243   • Yamaha PSR-E343   • Yamaha PSR-E433   • Yamaha PSR E233   • Yamaha PSR E423   • Yamaha PSR E333   • Yamaha PSR E323   • Yamaha MOX8   • Yamaha PSR S710   • Yamaha MOTIF XF8   • Yamaha MOTIF XF6   • Yamaha S70 XS   • Yamaha S90 XS   • Yamaha MM6   • Yamaha Tyros4   • Yamaha PSR S910   • Yamaha MOX6   

      KORG_Digital_Keyboards  [Keyboard_Instruments]

      KORG microARRANGER   


      The Chimta

      It is not known that when and by whom the Chimta has been introduced in the music but it is extensively used by Saints, Seers, Folk musicians, Singers, Dancers, and Buskers of the South Asian sub continent. One another field in which the Chimta is in use to a great extent is Kirtna (an Indian way of recital the hymns). Every form of Kirtna belongs to any region; the Chimta is a common instrument.

      The Chimta is a percussion folk musical instrument popular in South Asian countries. According to the Sachs or Western classification of three categories of musical instruments the Chimta comes under percussion instruments and according to the Bhartas four categories of musical instruments the Chimta comes under Ghana (Solid) Vadhya Instrument. Alike the idea of many other folk instruments developed from pots, pans and other utensils of daily use, it is known that the Idea of The Chimta came out of Indian kitchens. The Chimta was extensively used in every Indian kitchen to handle hot objects. It is still widely in use in the rural areas, where the kitchen is still in its traditional shape. The structure of the Chimta used in the kitchen is little different than the Chimta used as a musical instrument. The kitchen Chimta is small in size and simple in shape. The Chimta used as a musical instrument is comparatively bigger and has various sizes.

      Traditionally Chimta is made of one piece straight milled steel strip. The strip is bent right in the middle in a way, which makes a small loop, which divides the length of strip into two arms. This loop works as a spring and enable both arms to move as a clapper and a metal ring also goes through the loop. Traditional Chimta is about .......... long. A Punjabi Folk Musician of Pakistan Alam Lohar Played greatly on this kind of Chimta. © harjitshah

      Addition of Jingles:

      The traditional Chimta developed with the addition of jingles. It is not known that when and who have added the jingles on the Chimta. These jingles are cut out from milled steel sheet or brass metal sheet, size of 35mm in circular shape and mounted with a round head metal pin, riveted on top of both the arms. Usually the Chimta arms are 25mm wide but some Chimta arms used in Kirtna are 30 to 35mm in width. Length of the Chimta with jingles depends on the amount of jingles going to be mounted on the arms. © harjitshah

      Chimta_Khartal_Manjira_Damru  [Percussion_Instruments]

      Zhinga 12 pairs of Jingles   • Chimta 12 Jingles   • Chimta 28 Jingles   • Chipli (Hand tal)   • Chipli Double Line   • Khartal Long shaped   • Khartal Moon Shape   • Lolly Drum   • Damru (Monkey drum)   • Chimta 10 Jingles   • Damru (Monkey drum)   • Manjira - 2   • Zhinga 10 pairs ofJingles   • Shaker   • Chipli Fish Shaker   • Talam - Pyramid Type   • Talam - Flat type   • Manjira -10   • Manjira - 5   • Manjira - 4   • Manjira - 3   • Damru (Monkey drum)   


      North Indian Musical Instruments

      Harmonium  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Handbook Of Harmonium   • Shruti Box JAS   • Learn to play on Harmonium   • Shurti Box (South Indian)   • Tiny (Small) Harmonium   • Student Harmonium Without Coupler   • Student Harmonium With Coupler   • Deluxe Harmonium without Coupler   • Deluxe Harmonium With Coupler   • Super Deluxe Harmonium (Portable)   • Super Deluxe Harmonium   • JAS Special Harmonium   • JAS Special Harmonium (Portable)   • Folding Harmonium Bag   • 9 Scale Changer Harmonium   • 9 Scale Changer Harmonium (Portable)   • JAS Super Special 13 Scale Changer Harmonium   • JAS Super Special (Portable)13 Scale Changer   • Harmonium 3 1/4 Octav Standard Carry Bag   • Harmonium 3 1/2 Octav Standard Carry Bag   • Harmonium Flight Case   • Harmonium Flight Case   

      Tabla_Tabla-Cases_And_Accessories  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Tabla East to West   • Handbook Of Tabla   • TABLA DVD   • JAS Tabla Dayan Bag   • JAS Tabla Bayan Bag   • Tabla Flight Case   • Tiny Tabla   • Student Tabla Outfit   • Deluxe Tabla Set   • Student Tabla Set   • Deluxe Model Baya   • Deluxe Tabla Daya   • Student Tabla Daya   • Student Tabla Baya   • Deluxe Tabla Outfit   • Super Deluxe Set   • Super Deluxe Tabla Baya   • Super Deluxe Tabla Daya   • Concert Tabla Set   • Concert Tabla Baya   • Concert Tabla Daya   • Tabla Strap   • JAS Spl. Pillow & Cover Set   • Tabla Head Baya Benaras   • Tabla Head Daya Classical   • Tuning Hammer   • Tabla pillow-cover set   • Wooden Tuning Blocks   • Junior Tabla Set   • Tabla Head Daya Benaras   • Tabla Head Baya Classical   • JAS Tabla Gig Bag   • Tabla Bag Deluxe   

      Bhangra_Dhol_and_Dhol_Cases  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Dhol Treble size Jas Spl.   • Dhol Daga   • Dhol Chanti 5   • Dhol Microphone SHURE   • Junior Dhol   • Baby Dhol   • Medium Dhol   • Standard Dhol   • Deluxe Dhol   • Super Deluxe Dhol   • Straight Dhol   • JAS special straight dhol   • Dhol Belt size 3   • Dhol Flight Case, Hard Case   • Dhol String White Ordinary   • Dhol Multi Colour String   • Dhol Deluxe Bag   • Dhol Base size   • Dhol Treble size   • Dhol Socket   • Dhol Decoration   • Dhol Hook   • Dhol Treble Remo Ebony   • Dhol Treble Remo Fiberskyn   • Dhol Treble Remo Smooth White   • How to learn Bhangra Dance   • Dhol Chanti 20   • Tiranga Colour Dhol Decoration   • Dhol String Snow White   • Dhol string Bright Black   • Straight Dhol   • Dhol Padded Bag   • Dhol Rim size   

      Dholak_Nal_Pakhawaj  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Dholak Head   • Dholak Super Deluxe Model   • Baby Dholak   • Nal Student Model   • Nal Deluxe Model   • Nal Treble side Head   • Nal Base Bayan Head   • Pakhawaj   • Dholak Nut Bolt Type Standard   • Dholak Head   • Dholak Head   • Dholak Head   • Dholak String White   • Ordinary Dholak Bag   • Dholak Bag Deluxe   • Dholak Hardcase   • Nal Deluxe Bag   • Dholak String Type Ordinary   • Dholak Proffessional   • Pakhawaj Treble Dayan Head   

      Sitar_Tanpura  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Indian Sitar & Music Workshop   • Sitar String Set   • Mizrab (Plectrum)   • Steel String Coil   • Learning The Sitar   • Introduction To Sitar   • SNARK Sitar Tuner   • Sitar Student   • Junior Sitar   • Sitar Deluxe Model   • Sitar Super Deluxe Model   • Sitar Rose Model   • Sitar Card Box Case   • Sitar Cloth Bag   • Sitar Flight Case   • Sitar Gig Bag   • Sitar Untuned Bridge   • Sitar Tuning Duck   • Sitar Tuning Bead   • Sitar Chikari   • Sitar Bridge Tuned   • Sitar Peg   • Sitar Peg   • Sitar Pegs   • Sitar Peg   • Surbahar   • Tanpuri   • Tanpura Deluxe Ladies   • Tanpura Super Deluxe Ladies   • Tanpura Deluxe Gents   • Tanpura Tarang Model   • Tanpura Super Deluxe Gents   • Tanpura Strings - Gents   • Tanpura Strings - Ladies   

      Flute_Murli_And_Bansuri  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      North Indian Bansuri -GG   • Standard Flute -AA   • Standard Flute -BB   • Standard Flute -CC   • Standard Flute -DD   • Standard Bansuri -EE   • Standard Bansuri -FF   • Standard Bansuri -G   • Standard Bansuri -A   • Standard Bansuri -B   • Standard Bansuri -C   • Standard Bansuri -D   • Standard Flute -GG   • Set of 13 Bansuri (Chromatic)   • N. Indian Bansuri -F   • N. Indian Bansuri -AA   • N. Indian Bansuri -BB   • N. Indian Bansuri -CC   • N. Indian Bansuri -DD   • N. Indian Bansuri EE   • N. Indian Bansuri -FF   • N. Indian Bansuri -G   • Indian Bansuri -A   • N. Indian Bansuri -B   • N. Indian Bansuri -C   • N. Indian Bansuri -D   • Standard Bansuri -F   

      Sarod_Sarangi_And_Dilruba  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Sarangi Tuning Tool   • Sarangi Gig Bag   • Sarangi Gut String   • Indain Banjo Electric   • Sarangi Flight Case   • Israj Flight Case   • Dilruba Case   • Sarangi Box   • Israj Box   • Dilruba Box   • Sarod Deluxe Model   • Sarangi Deluxe Model   • Sarangi   • Dilruba Deluxe   • Dilruba   

      Santoor_Swarmandal  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Swarmandal Student   • Swarmandal   • Santoor Deluxe   

      Tamborine_And_Dhap  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Dhap 16   • Dhap 14   • Dhap 12   • Tambourine Wooden 8   • Tambourine Wooden 10   • Tambourine Wooden 6   • Tambourine Wooden 8   • Tambourine 10   • Tambourine 8   • Tambourine 6   

      Tumbi_Dhad_And_Algoza  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      JAS Tumbi   • JAS Concert Tumbi   • Tumbi string set   • Tumbi - Kadu   • Tumbi Regular   

      Shehnai_Been_Conch  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Algoza   • Been Student Model   • Been Professional Mode   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 8   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 7   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 6   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 5   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 4   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 3   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 2   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 1   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] size   • Shahnai reed   • Shahnai [Banaras]   

      Khol_Dhak_Gopichand  [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Dhak   • Gopichand Small Size   • Gopichand Medium Size   • Gopichand Large Size   • Khol Brass Medium   • Khol Brass Large   • Khol Deluxe   • Khol Hardcase   


      Violin Parts

      Peg_Chinrest_Finger_board_End_Pin  [Violin_Parts]

      Violin String Set Astrea   • Violin Swiss style peg   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Turner Chinrest   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Kaufman Chinrest   • Violin peg   • Violin peg   • Violin Peg   • Violin peg   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Swiss style peg   • Violin Heart style pegs   • Violin Heart style peg   • Violin peg   • Violin Heart style peg   • Violin Peg   • Violin peg   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Fom Shoulder Rest   • Violin Rosin   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Guarneri Chin rest   • Violin Finger Board   • Violin End Pin   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin End Pin   • Violin Guarneri Chinrest   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Tail piece   • Violin Dresden Chin rest   • Violin End pin   


      Western Music Books

      Western_Music_Books  [Western_Music_Books_and_Videos]

      Absolute Beginners Guitar Scales written by Cliff   • Absolute Beginners Drums(Small)   • Guitar And Flute Duets   • 1001 Guitar Tips & Tricks   • Classical Masterpieces For Guitar   • Left Handed Guitar Method (stetina) Bk/cd   • The John Mills Classical Guitar Tutor   • Presley Elvis Chord Songbook Lc   • The Encyclopedia of Guitar Picture Chords in Colou   • Great No.1 Hits B Flat Or E Flat Saxophones   • Absolute Beginners Guitar Bk/cd Large   • Absolute Beginners Bass Guitar Bk/cd   • The Ultimate Beginner Electric Guitar Basics.   • Complete Scales For All Guitarists.   • The Complete Guitar Player Song Book - I   • The Complete Guitar Player Classical Book by Russ   • Fast Forward Acoustic Guitar Chords Book/cd   • Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head   • Strings in Step Viola Book 1 by JAN DOBBINS   • Strings in Step Violin book 1 by JAN DOBBINS   • Absolute Beginners Keyboard Bk/cd   • Classics To Moderns Book 1 Pf   • How To Play The Bagpipe   • How To Play Accordion Today   • The Complete Rock and Pop Guitar Player Book and C   • The Bands Guitar TAB Edition   • Electronic Keyboard Basics 1 by Sarah Walker   • First Keyboard Fun Book Kenneth Baker Complete Key   • Easiest Keyboard Collection Elvis Mlc   • M.i. Keyboard Voicings Bk   • Red Hot Chili Peppers By the way   • First Popular Pieces For The Saxophone   • Waltz Favourites For Accordion   • Absolute Beginners Asax Bk/cd   


      Violins, Violas, cellos and Accessories

      JAS Musicals is an authorised dealer of Stentor Violin, Viola, Cello and accessories.

      Stentor_Violin_Viola_Cello  [Violin]

      Dogal Violin String Set   • Antoni Student Violin   • Violin Rosin   • Violin Bow Octagonal Stick   • Violin Bow Student-2   • Violin Bow Student-1   • Violin Bow Student   • Stentor Student Standard Violin Outfit   • Stentor Student II Violin Outfit   • Stentor Student I Violin Outfit   • The Stentor Conservatoire II Violin Outfit    • The Stentor Conservatoire Violin Outfit   • The Stentor Graduate Violin Outfit   


      South Indian Instruments

      Mirdangam  [South_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Mirdangam Wrapping Cover   • Mirdangam Bag   • Mirdangam Standard   • Mirdangam Medium   • Mirdangam Small   

      Veena  [South_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Veena Fully Carved Ekandh   • Saraswati Veena Pro   • Amplifier 20 watts   • Saraswati Veena   • Digital Electronic Veena   • Veena Stand   • Saraswati Veena Standard   • Saraswati Veena Deluxe   • Veena String   • Veena Taalam Bridge   • Veena Pegs   • Veena Plectrum   • Saraswati Veena Ekandha Standard   

      Thavil_Udukkai_Ghatam  [South_Indian_Musical_Instruments]

      Ghatam Bag   • Thavil Cap (Single)   • Thavil Ring (Single)   • Finger Cap Set   • Ghatam JAS Special   • Udukkai Brass   • Udukkai wooden   • Thavil Drum   


      Rabab, Rebab, Rubab, Robab and many other similar words are used for Central and South Asian string Instruments. These words identify the instruments that have related features with some variances. Although Rabab is a national instrument of Afghanistan, it is also widely used by Turkish, Persian, Pakistani and Kashmiri musicians.
      A Similar kind of instrument was adopted by Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. It was played by his companion, Mardana, throughout the Guru’s journeys. Presently it is played by many Sikh preachers (ragis) in the congregation kirtan.
      Rabab is also widely played in India by Kashmiri musicians at weddings, festivals and in Sufi music.
      JAS brand Rababs are made by highly skilled Rabab makers who follow on from generations of craftsmen in their families. All our Rababs are made of good quality single piece toot (Mulberry) wood. The wood quality, workmanship and decorations distinguish the different models of Rabab from one and another. ©Harjitshah
      All our Rababs are finally setup by trained technicians in UK before supplying to the customers.
      We also undertake repair and restoration work of Rababs to a very high standard.

      Rabab  [Rabab]

      Rabab plain   • Rabab half neck Inlayed   • Rabab Full Neck Enlayed   


      Western Instruments & Accessories

      Guitar_Mandolin_Uklele  [Western_Instruments_and_Accessories]

      Martin Acoustic Guitar string   • Uklele   • Encore Electric Guitar   • Child Guitar   • Guitar   • Guitar Bag   • Guitar Deluxe Model   • Guitar Student Model   • Mandolin Deluxe   • Mandolin Student   

      Western_Instruments_And_Accessories  [Western_Instruments_and_Accessories]

      Tri-Tone Whistle   • Cathedral Pan Pipes   • Drum playing stick   • Recorder   


      Indian Music Books

      Raga_Books  [Indian_Music_Books]

      Theory of Indian Ragas   • NAD Raga music   

      Books_Indian_Dances  [Indian_Music_Books]

      Staff_Notation_of_Indian_Music  [Indian_Music_Books]

      TABLA & The World of Indian Rhythms   • one Hundred Songs in staff notation   • Facts of Notation   • Selected Hindi Songs   • Learn & Play Hindi Songs   • Learn & Play Your Popular Songs   • The Raga Guide   

      Books_on_Bollywood_Music  [Indian_Music_Books]

      Contemporary Indian Theatre   • SO MANY CINEMA   • Documentation of Performing Arts   • Kishor Kumar   

      Indian_Music_Books  [Indian_Music_Books]

      Ethnomusicology   • Introduction to Sitar   • Situating Sound & Rhythm   • Music Therapy   • PARAMETERS OF MUSIC   • Essays in Indian Ethnomusicology   • Mridangam   • New Directions in Indian Dance   • Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan   • Light of Asia   • Heritage of Indian Music II   • Heritage of Indian Music - I   • TEXT, TONE, & TUNE   • Folk Songs of Uttar Pradesh   • Tradition of Hindustani Music   • Divine Service & the Performing Arts in INDIA   • Music in the Mind   • Music System in India   • Glimpse of Carnatic Music   • Music and Bharatnatyam   • Bharatanatyam I   • Angikabhinaya   • Abhinavabharati   • A history of the Sikhs   • A history of the Sikhs   • Dancing to the Flute   • Learn to Play on SITAR   • Glimpses of India music   • Tribal Melodies   • The Forgotten Forms of Hindustani Music   • Kathaka The Tradition Fusion and Diffusion   • Performing Artistes in Ancient India   • Indian Orchestra Vadya-Vrinda   • Indian classical Dances   • RASA   • Kathak Nritya Parampara Mein Guru Lachchu Maharaj   • Musical Journey of Kumar Gandharva   • Hindustani Sangeet   • Handbook Of Sarod   • Handbook Of Tanpura   • The Immortal of Indian Music   • Tribal Melodies of Lahul Valley   • Learning The Sitar   • Traditional Music of Kashmir   • South Indian music - I   • South Indian music   • Song of the Spirit   • Ramayana from Ganga to Brahmaputra   • Karnataka Hindustani Music   • Between two Tanpura   • Baul Philosophy   • The Opera in South India   • Bihu Festival of Assam   • Music & Fine Arts   • Dhvani   • Veena Tradition in Indian Music   

      Books_on_Gurmat_Sangeet  [Indian_Music_Books]

      Asa-Di-War   • Punjabi Book 2   • Punjabi Book 1   


      JAS is a leading maker of Ghungroo for every genre of Indian dances. JAS Brand Ghungroo pairs are the compilation of hand picked best quality ghungroos made of brass material. We compile Ghungroo pairs of every design required by different style of Indian dances also for all age groups infant to professional level.
      For the comfort of a dancer we use different size and quantity of ghungroos. For instance single, double and three line ghungroos are weaved on resham threads are for the infant students. They are also used by Bharathnatyam students. Our new design of hook and loop fastener Ghungroo pair is highly appreciated by many professional Bharathnatyam, bollywood and folk dancers. These pairs are made on a heavy duty cotton tape. Best quality Ghungroos are stitched on the tape and the best quality padding is stiched at the in side. These type of Ghungroos are very easy to put them on and to take them off after dancing. We make Ghungroo pairs suitable for the particular dance genre to achieve the required tonal quality by choosing the different sizes, quantity and quality of the Ghungru.
      In our R&D department we discussed with many professional dancers of various Indian dances recorded the samples of desired Ghungroo sounds analyzed them and match the best sound possible. We make all our ghungroo pairs in our own factory under the expert supervision.©harjitshah

      Bharatanatyam_Kathak_Bollywood  [Chalangai_Ghungroo_Bells]

      Nattuvangam Thatukali / Thattu Mannai   • Kathak Ghungru 75   • Camel Bell   • Cow Bell   • Kathak Ghungru 25   • Kathak Ghungru 50   • Loose Ghungru   • Kathak Ghungru100 Bells   • Ghungroo Chalangai 3 line Resham   • Ghungroo Chalangai 2 Line Resham   • Bharatanatyam1 line Resham   




      Music CDs

      Devotional  [Indian_Music_CDs]

      Divinity 1   • Jeevan Maran   • GYAN   • Inimitable Pandit Jasraj   • VAISAKHI   • Devotion   • Ram Naam Sukhdai   • Morning Chants   • Sacred Chants   • Mantra   • Sorrows   • Inspiration Pandit Jasraj   • Devotion   

      Educational_CDs  [Indian_Music_CDs]

      Mahabharata   • Gujarati Guru   • Hindi Guru   • India Musica   

      Wedding_Dance_CDs  [Indian_Music_CDs]

      Ottan Thullal   • Kathakali   • Nangiarkoothu   • Yakshagana   • Kudiyattam   • Mohiniyattom   • Satriya   • Manipuri   • Odissi   • Kathak   • Kuchipudi   • Bharatanatyam   • The sound of Bollywood Bhangra   

      Light_Music_Instrumental  [Indian_Music_CDs]

      Music of Southern India   • Egschiglen Sounds of Mongolia   • Punjabi Guru   • Yoga - Meditation   • India A Voyage   • India Festiva   • Jalwa IV   • Indian Melodies   • Percussion of India   • Zindagi   • Jewel in the Lotus   • Dusk to Dawn   • Folk Tunes of India   • Ramayana   

      Classical_Instrumental_CDs  [Indian_Music_CDs]

      Sangeet Sartaj   • Japanese Drums   • Swaraanjali   • Drums on Fire   • Sangeet Sartaj   


      Grade Books

      Mouth_Organ  [Grade_Books]

      Violin_Grade_Books  [Grade_Books]

      Keyboard_Grade_Books  [Grade_Books]


      Cases for musical instruments

      Flight_Case_Hardcase  [Instrument_Cases_and_Bags]

      Khol Hardcase   • Mridangam Hardcase   • Ghatam Hardcase   


      Fascinated by the urge to create innovative crafts Protious Exports bring to you an unparalleled range of Antiques, paintings, handicrafts, home furnishing, garments & textiles, wood carvings, furniture, jewellery and a rich range of handicrafts in glass, terracotta, marble, sandstone and handmade paper.

      Over the years Protious Exports has carved a niche for itself in national and international market. With its exuberant and colourful variety of artifacts, it has emerged as a first choice for quality products. The handicrafts, though varied in form, reflect a sense of aesthetics, elegance and grace. Just perfect for your interiors and home décor!

      From vibrant home furnishings and furniture to dazzling jewellery and stunning handicrafts it offers all your creative instincts can ever desire. The range speaks of unmatched quality, superb craftsmanship and innovative imagination. Each item can said to be a novelty and no doubts their features and characteristics make them most sought after across the globe.


      Hindu weddings are very bright events, filled with ritual and celebration, that continue for several days. They are not small affairs, often with 400-1000 people attending (many of whom are unknown to the bride and groom). Though most marriages are arranged, some couples in urban areas have love marriages. The true Indian wedding is about two families getting wedded socially with much less emphasis on the individuals involved.







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