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      JAS is a leading maker of Ghungroo for every genre of Indian dances. JAS Brand Ghungroo pairs are the compilation of hand picked best quality ghungroos made of brass material. We compile Ghungroo pairs of every design required by different style of Indian dances also for all age groups infant to professional level.
      For the comfort of a dancer we use different size and quantity of ghungroos. For instance single, double and three line ghungroos are weaved on resham threads are for the infant students. They are also used by Bharathnatyam students. Our new design of hook and loop fastener Ghungroo pair is highly appreciated by many professional Bharathnatyam, bollywood and folk dancers. These pairs are made on a heavy duty cotton tape. Best quality Ghungroos are stitched on the tape and the best quality padding is stiched at the in side. These type of Ghungroos are very easy to put them on and to take them off after dancing. We make Ghungroo pairs suitable for the particular dance genre to achieve the required tonal quality by choosing the different sizes, quantity and quality of the Ghungru.
      In our R&D department we discussed with many professional dancers of various Indian dances recorded the samples of desired Ghungroo sounds analyzed them and match the best sound possible. We make all our ghungroo pairs in our own factory under the expert supervision.©harjitshah


      Bharatanatyam_Kathak_Bollywood [Chalangai_Ghungroo_Bells]

      Nattuvangam Thatukali / Thattu Mannai   • Kathak Ghungru 75   • Camel Bell   • Cow Bell   • Kathak Ghungru 25   • Kathak Ghungru 50   • Loose Ghungru   • Kathak Ghungru100 Bells   • Ghungroo Chalangai 3 line Resham   • Ghungroo Chalangai 2 Line Resham   • Bharatanatyam1 line Resham   







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