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      North Indian Musical Instruments


      Harmonium [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]Extensive research, incessant quality control and persistency on high workmanship has allowed JAS brand Harmoniums to stand out in the Indian Musical Instruments market to this day. Manufactured exclusively in the JAS factory with a final examination, setup and fine tuning by qualified and highly experienced technicians in London, assures the customer that the quality of the instrument they are purchasing is to its highest standard. The wide range of Harmoniums means that there is a product available for all levels. Offering a one year warranty and after care facilities including a free service within the year allows the life of the JAS Harmonium to be maintained to its best. With the skills to custom to the customer’s specifications and requirements, JAS are specialists in creating bespoke Harmoniums.
      JAS take pride in the finest quality of sound produced by their own manufactured JAS reeds and undertake strict assessments to allow for a consistent standard. The nineteenth century French invention of harmonium reeds was redesigned by Harjit Shah, founder of JAS. The reeds are always under continuous analysis to allow for further improvement and development. The contemporary harmonium reeds enable JAS brand Harmoniums to produce an accurate pitch and long sustained sound on a very low air pressure©Harjit

      Handbook Of Harmonium   • Shruti Box JAS   • Learn to play on Harmonium   • Shurti Box (South Indian)   • Tiny (Small) Harmonium   • Student Harmonium Without Coupler   • Student Harmonium With Coupler   • Deluxe Harmonium without Coupler   • Deluxe Harmonium With Coupler   • Super Deluxe Harmonium (Portable)   • Super Deluxe Harmonium   • JAS Special Harmonium   • JAS Special Harmonium (Portable)   • Folding Harmonium Bag   • 9 Scale Changer Harmonium   • 9 Scale Changer Harmonium (Portable)   • JAS Super Special 13 Scale Changer Harmonium   • JAS Super Special (Portable)13 Scale Changer   • Harmonium 3 1/4 Octav Standard Carry Bag   • Harmonium 3 1/2 Octav Standard Carry Bag   • Harmonium Flight Case   • Harmonium Flight Case   


      Tabla_Tabla-Cases_And_Accessories [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]Painstaking stresses to find the appropriate wood, careful and diligent efforts to process the skins, laborious Shyahi application and industrious craftsmanship have been applied at JAS factory to produce tabla pairs for players of every level around the world. JAS produces world-class Tabla pairs for renowned musicians and affordable tabla pairs for hobby players and students.

      We work hard on the process of making tabla heads as well as gathering perfect materials for each particular model of Tabla. We use variety of woods Sheesham, Sirish and black rose to make shells for Dayan. All Dayan shells go through the process of natural seasoning from three to five years. We have over 5000 Dayan shells always in stock in our factory. Bayan shells are made using aluminium, steel, brass and copper metals. Due to non availability of a good quality processed skin in the market, we set-up a unit in our factory to produce best quality skins to make the best tabla pairs. The most crucial row material SHYAH is refined by our experts. Our team of experienced craftsmen use all these materials to produce best tabla of its class. Our Tabla Dayans are precisely made in scale from lower Octave Pancham G# to the higher Octave Pancham G#, produce long sustained sound and stay in tune. Final tuning setup and jewari is carried out in our workshop in London before the finished instrument is supplied to the customer.

      We are confident that the JAS brand Tabla Pairs will give the best value contentment. ©Harjit

      Tabla East to West   • Handbook Of Tabla   • TABLA DVD   • JAS Tabla Dayan Bag   • JAS Tabla Bayan Bag   • Tabla Flight Case   • Tiny Tabla   • Student Tabla Outfit   • Deluxe Tabla Set   • Student Tabla Set   • Deluxe Model Baya   • Deluxe Tabla Daya   • Student Tabla Daya   • Student Tabla Baya   • Deluxe Tabla Outfit   • Super Deluxe Set   • Super Deluxe Tabla Baya   • Super Deluxe Tabla Daya   • Concert Tabla Set   • Concert Tabla Baya   • Concert Tabla Daya   • Tabla Strap   • JAS Spl. Pillow & Cover Set   • Tabla Head Baya Benaras   • Tabla Head Daya Classical   • Tuning Hammer   • Tabla pillow-cover set   • Wooden Tuning Blocks   • Junior Tabla Set   • Tabla Head Daya Benaras   • Tabla Head Baya Classical   • JAS Tabla Gig Bag   • Tabla Bag Deluxe   


      Bhangra_Dhol_and_Dhol_Cases [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]Buy Dhol from Jas Dhol and Indian Musical Instruments Shop Online UK

      Dhol Treble size Jas Spl.   • Dhol Daga   • Dhol Chanti 5   • Dhol Microphone SHURE   • Junior Dhol   • Baby Dhol   • Medium Dhol   • Standard Dhol   • Deluxe Dhol   • Super Deluxe Dhol   • Straight Dhol   • JAS special straight dhol   • Dhol Belt size 3   • Dhol Flight Case, Hard Case   • Dhol String White Ordinary   • Dhol Multi Colour String   • Dhol Deluxe Bag   • Dhol Base size   • Dhol Treble size   • Dhol Socket   • Dhol Decoration   • Dhol Hook   • Dhol Treble Remo Ebony   • Dhol Treble Remo Fiberskyn   • Dhol Treble Remo Smooth White   • How to learn Bhangra Dance   • Dhol Chanti 20   • Tiranga Colour Dhol Decoration   • Dhol String Snow White   • Dhol string Bright Black   • Straight Dhol   • Dhol Padded Bag   • Dhol Rim size   


      Dholak_Nal_Pakhawaj [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]JAS makes dholak drums for every level e.g. for infants an intro drum, for ladies a lightweight drum to play in ladies sangeet, for musicians playing with bands and for legendry players recording Bollywood music or concerts.

      All our dholaks are made from two to three year seasoned wood. The wood is treated with preservatives before the construction of the dholak. The dholak heads are made only from goat skins carefully processed in our own factory. We make a variety of dholak heads for the different models of dholaks. The various models of dholak were designed after seriously considering the requirements of the players, like the ladies Sangeet dholak is not only light in weight, the bass and treble give very smooth and sweet sound and require low pressure hand strokes. For the band musician’s dholak treble side produces sustained high pitch sound and the base produces deep base sound, concert or Bollywood dholak can be tuned to any precise recording pitch and also stays in tune for a long time©Harjit

      We guarantee our customers best satisfaction from our quality dholaks.

      We also repair or restore any dholak professionally as all parts are readily available.

      Dholak Head   • Dholak Super Deluxe Model   • Baby Dholak   • Nal Student Model   • Nal Deluxe Model   • Nal Treble side Head   • Nal Base Bayan Head   • Pakhawaj   • Dholak Nut Bolt Type Standard   • Dholak Head   • Dholak Head   • Dholak Head   • Dholak String White   • Ordinary Dholak Bag   • Dholak Bag Deluxe   • Dholak Hardcase   • Nal Deluxe Bag   • Dholak String Type Ordinary   • Dholak Proffessional   • Pakhawaj Treble Dayan Head   


      Sitar_Tanpura [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]Rather than believing myths about construction of string instruments or following traditional techniques without understanding them in depth or using ancestral names as goodwill, we at JAS have a team of technicians researching Indian String Instruments and the best manufacturing techniques for them. This helps us to improve the quality of our musical instruments and stay ahead of our competitors.

      The JAS brand Sitars are lovingly made from scratch in our own factory in Delhi. Our highly skilled team of Lutheirs, high quality materials and consolidated manufacturing process allows us to produce good quality Sitars at affordable prices. We always have in stock a large quantity of high quality Toon Wood ( Cedrela or Indian Red Cedar ) stored for seasoning. Our craftsmen choose the wood and the pumpkins suitable for making Sitars from our seasoned stock with great care. For the JAS brand Sitars we use German or American steel, English bronze and brass strings.

      Indian Sitar & Music Workshop   • Sitar String Set   • Mizrab (Plectrum)   • Steel String Coil   • Learning The Sitar   • Introduction To Sitar   • SNARK Sitar Tuner   • Sitar Student   • Junior Sitar   • Sitar Deluxe Model   • Sitar Super Deluxe Model   • Sitar Rose Model   • Sitar Card Box Case   • Sitar Cloth Bag   • Sitar Flight Case   • Sitar Gig Bag   • Sitar Untuned Bridge   • Sitar Tuning Duck   • Sitar Tuning Bead   • Sitar Chikari   • Sitar Bridge Tuned   • Sitar Peg   • Sitar Peg   • Sitar Pegs   • Sitar Peg   • Surbahar   • Tanpuri   • Tanpura Deluxe Ladies   • Tanpura Super Deluxe Ladies   • Tanpura Deluxe Gents   • Tanpura Tarang Model   • Tanpura Super Deluxe Gents   • Tanpura Strings - Gents   • Tanpura Strings - Ladies   


      Flute_Murli_And_Bansuri [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      North Indian Bansuri -GG   • Standard Flute -AA   • Standard Flute -BB   • Standard Flute -CC   • Standard Flute -DD   • Standard Bansuri -EE   • Standard Bansuri -FF   • Standard Bansuri -G   • Standard Bansuri -A   • Standard Bansuri -B   • Standard Bansuri -C   • Standard Bansuri -D   • Standard Flute -GG   • Set of 13 Bansuri (Chromatic)   • N. Indian Bansuri -F   • N. Indian Bansuri -AA   • N. Indian Bansuri -BB   • N. Indian Bansuri -CC   • N. Indian Bansuri -DD   • N. Indian Bansuri EE   • N. Indian Bansuri -FF   • N. Indian Bansuri -G   • Indian Bansuri -A   • N. Indian Bansuri -B   • N. Indian Bansuri -C   • N. Indian Bansuri -D   • Standard Bansuri -F   


      Sarod_Sarangi_And_Dilruba [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]Buy String Instruments from Jas Indian String Instruments and Musical Instruments Shop Online UK

      Sarangi Tuning Tool   • Sarangi Gig Bag   • Sarangi Gut String   • Indain Banjo Electric   • Sarangi Flight Case   • Israj Flight Case   • Dilruba Case   • Sarangi Box   • Israj Box   • Dilruba Box   • Sarod Deluxe Model   • Sarangi Deluxe Model   • Sarangi   • Dilruba Deluxe   • Dilruba   


      Santoor_Swarmandal [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      Swarmandal Student   • Swarmandal   • Santoor Deluxe   


      Tamborine_And_Dhap [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      Dhap 16   • Dhap 14   • Dhap 12   • Tambourine Wooden 8   • Tambourine Wooden 10   • Tambourine Wooden 6   • Tambourine Wooden 8   • Tambourine 10   • Tambourine 8   • Tambourine 6   


      Tumbi_Dhad_And_Algoza [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      JAS Tumbi   • JAS Concert Tumbi   • Tumbi string set   • Tumbi - Kadu   • Tumbi Regular   


      Shehnai_Been_Conch [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      Algoza   • Been Student Model   • Been Professional Mode   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 8   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 7   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 6   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 5   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 4   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 3   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 2   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] 1   • Shahnai [Saharanpur] size   • Shahnai reed   • Shahnai [Banaras]   


      Khol_Dhak_Gopichand [North_Indian_Musical_Instruments]test

      Dhak   • Gopichand Small Size   • Gopichand Medium Size   • Gopichand Large Size   • Khol Brass Medium   • Khol Brass Large   • Khol Deluxe   • Khol Hardcase   







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