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      The Chimta

      It is not known that when and by whom the Chimta has been introduced in the music but it is extensively used by Saints, Seers, Folk musicians, Singers, Dancers, and Buskers of the South Asian sub continent. One another field in which the Chimta is in use to a great extent is Kirtna (an Indian way of recital the hymns). Every form of Kirtna belongs to any region; the Chimta is a common instrument.

      The Chimta is a percussion folk musical instrument popular in South Asian countries. According to the Sachs or Western classification of three categories of musical instruments the Chimta comes under percussion instruments and according to the Bhartas four categories of musical instruments the Chimta comes under Ghana (Solid) Vadhya Instrument. Alike the idea of many other folk instruments developed from pots, pans and other utensils of daily use, it is known that the Idea of The Chimta came out of Indian kitchens. The Chimta was extensively used in every Indian kitchen to handle hot objects. It is still widely in use in the rural areas, where the kitchen is still in its traditional shape. The structure of the Chimta used in the kitchen is little different than the Chimta used as a musical instrument. The kitchen Chimta is small in size and simple in shape. The Chimta used as a musical instrument is comparatively bigger and has various sizes.

      Traditionally Chimta is made of one piece straight milled steel strip. The strip is bent right in the middle in a way, which makes a small loop, which divides the length of strip into two arms. This loop works as a spring and enable both arms to move as a clapper and a metal ring also goes through the loop. Traditional Chimta is about .......... long. A Punjabi Folk Musician of Pakistan Alam Lohar Played greatly on this kind of Chimta. harjitshah

      Addition of Jingles:

      The traditional Chimta developed with the addition of jingles. It is not known that when and who have added the jingles on the Chimta. These jingles are cut out from milled steel sheet or brass metal sheet, size of 35mm in circular shape and mounted with a round head metal pin, riveted on top of both the arms. Usually the Chimta arms are 25mm wide but some Chimta arms used in Kirtna are 30 to 35mm in width. Length of the Chimta with jingles depends on the amount of jingles going to be mounted on the arms. harjitshah


      Chimta_Khartal_Manjira_Damru [Percussion_Instruments]

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